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== Related concepts ==
== Related concepts ==
*[[Tone row/note row]] ([[Advanced Higher]])
*[[Tone row/note row]] (AH)
*[[Retrograde]] ([[Advanced Higher]])
*[[Retrograde]] (AH)
*[[Inversion]] ([[Advanced Higher]])
*[[Inversion]] (AH)
*[[Atonal]] ([[National 5]])
*[[Atonal]] (N5 & N5 Tech)

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A 20th-century method of musical composition invented by Schoenberg in which the 12 notes of the Chromatic scale are organised into a series or tone row. This row can be transposed, inverted or played in retrograde, and forms the material basis for an entire work or movement.


Variations for piano by Webern

A serial piece composed for piano by Schoenberg

Related concepts