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3 against 2


A cappella, A tempo, AB, ABA, Accelerando, Accented, Acciaccatura, Accidental, Accompanied, Accordion, Acoustic guitar, Adagio, Added 6th, African music, Alberti bass, Allegro, Alto, Anacrusis, Andante, Answer, Anthem, Antiphonal, Appoggiatura, Arco, Aria, Arpeggio, Ascending, Atonal, Augmentation, Augmented triad, Ayre/Air


Backing vocals, Bagpipes, Ballett, Baritone (voice), Baroque, Bass, Bass drum, Bass guitar, Basso continuo, Bassoon, Beat, Binary, Blowing, Blues, Bodhran, Bongo drums, Bothy ballad, Bowing, Brass, Brass band, Bridge, Broken chord


Cadence, Cadenza, Canon, Castanets, Cello, Celtic rock, Chamber music, Change of key, Choir, Chorale, Chord, Chord II and 1st inversion, Chord progressions (for National 4) Chord progressions (for National 5) Chords I, IV, V and VI in major and minor keys Chorus, Chromatic, Clarinet, Clarsach, Classical, Cluster, Coda, Coloratura, Compound time, Compound time groupings, Con sordino, Concertino, Concerto, Concerto grosso, Consort, Contemporary jazz, Contrapuntal, Contrary motion, Counter melody, Countersubject, Countertenor, Crescendo, Cross rhythm, Crotchet, Cymbals


Da capo aria, Descant (voice), Descending, Diminished 7th, Diminuendo, Diminution, Discord, Distortion, Dominant 7th, Dotted crotchet, Dotted minim, Dotted quaver, Dotted rhythm, Double bass, Drone, Drum fill, Drum kit


Electric guitar, Electronic dance music, Episode, Exposition


Faster, Fiddle, Flute, Flutter tonguing, Folk groups, Forte, Fortissimo, French horn, Fugue


Gaelic psalms, Galliard, Glissando, Glockenspiel, Gospel, Grace note, Ground bass, Grouped semiquavers, Güiro


Harmonic minor scale, Harmonics, Harmony, Harp, Harpsichord, Hemiola, Hi hat cymbals, Homophonic


Imitation, Imperfect cadence, Impressionist, Improvisation, Indian, Interrupted cadence, Interval, Inversion, Inverted pedal, Irregular time signatures


Jazz, Jazz funk, Jig


Latin American, Leap/Leaping, Legato, Leitmotiv, Lied, Lines and spaces of the treble clef


Madrigal, Major, March, Mass, Melismatic, Melodic minor scale, Mezzo forte, Mezzo piano, Mezzo soprano, Middle eight, Minim, Minimalist, Minor, Mode/modal, Moderato, Modulation, Mordent, Motet, Mouth music, Musical, Musique concrete, Muted


Nationalist, Neo-classical


Obbligato, Oboe, Octave, Off the beat, On the beat, Opera, Oratorio, Orchestra, Organ, Ornament, Ostinato


Paired quaver, Pan pipes, Passacaglia, Pause, Pavan, Pedal, Pentatonic, Percussion, Perfect cadence, Pianissimo, Piano (dynamics), Piano (instrument), Piano trio, Pibroch, Piccolo, Pitch bend, Pizzicato, Plagal cadence, Plainchant, Plucking, Polyphony/polyphonic, Polytonality/bitonality, Pop, Pulse


Quaver, Question


Ragtime, Rallentando, Rapping, Recitative, Recorder, Reel, Reggae, Relative major/minor, Renaissance, Repeat sign, Repetition, Retrograde, Reverb, Riff, Ripieno, Ritardando, Ritornello, Rock, Rock 'n' roll, Roll, Romantic, Rondo, Round, Rubato


Saxophone, Scale, Scat singing, Scotch snap, Scots ballad, Scottish, Scottish dance band, Semibreve, Semiquaver, Semitone, Sequence, Serial, Sforzando, Simple time, Sitar, Slower, Snare drum, Solo, Sonata, Sonata form, Song cycle, Soprano, Soul music, Sprechgesang, Staccato, Steel band, Step/stepwise, Strathspey, Stretto, Striking, String quartet, Strings, Strophic, Strumming, Subject, Suspension, Swing, Syllabic, Symphony, Syncopation


Tabla, Tambourine, Tenor, Ternary, Theme and variation, Through-composed, Tierce de Picardie, Time changes, Timpani, Tone, Tone row/note row, Tremolando, Triangle, Trill, Tritone, Trombone, Trumpet, Tuba, Turn


Unaccompanied, Unison


Vamp, Verse and chorus, Viola, Violin, Voice


Walking bass, Waltz, Waulking song, Whole-tone scale, Wind band, Woodwind