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[[Synth pop]],  
[[Synth pop]],  

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60s pop


A tempo, Accelerando, Accented, Accompanied, Acoustic, Acoustic guitar, Acoustic horn, ADSR envelope, Alto, Ambience, Anacrusis, Apps, Arco, Arpeggio, Arrange window, Arrangement, Ascending, Atonal, Audio/MIDI interface, Auxiliary input/output, Auxiliary send/return


Backing vocals, Backup copy, Baritone, Bass, Bass guitar, Beat, Beat matching, Binary, Blowing, Blues, Boost, Bowing, BPM (beats per minute), Brass, Bridge/link passage, Broken chord


Capture, Cassette, CD, Celtic rock, Change of key, Channel, Chord, Chord change, Chorus (effect), Chromatic, Click track, Clipping, Close mic'd, Cluster, Coda, Compression, Compressor, Copy, cut and paste, Counter melody, Country, Crescendo, Cross rhythm, Crossfade, Cut, Cut-off frequency, Cyclical


dB (decibels), Delay, Descending, Digital processor, Diminuendo, Disco, Distortion, Distortion/overload, DJ decks/mixer, Drop in/out, Drum fill, Drum kit, Dry


Effects (FX), Effects pedals, Electric guitar, Electronic, Electronic drum kit, Electronic organ, Electronica/dance music, Electroacoustic, Equalisation (EQ), Equaliser (EQ), Expander, Expansion, Export


Fade in, Fade out, Fader, Faster, Feedback, File compression, File management, Filter, Final mix, Flanger, Format, Frequency, Frequency response


Gain, Gated reverb, General MIDI, Glissando, Glitch, Gramophone, Guide vocal, Guitar pickup


Harmonics, Harmoniser, Harmony, High pass filter, Hip hop, Homophonic, Hum


Imitation, Impedance, Import, Improvisation, Indie, Input, Insert point, Instrumental break, Interval, Intro/outro, Inversion, Inverted pedal, Irregular time signatures


Jazz, Jazz funk, Juke box


Latency, Lead vocal, Leap/Leaping, LFO, Limiter, Line level, Locators, Low pass filter


Major, Markers, Mezzo soprano, Microphone, Microphone level, Middle 8, MIDI, Minidisc, Minor, Mix, Modulation, Modulation controller, Monophonic, MP3 players, Multi-effects processor, Musical, Mute, Muted


New wave, Noise gate, Normalising


Octave, Off the beat, On the beat, Organ, Ostinato, Output, Overdub


Panning, Parameters, Patch, Pause, Peak, Pedal, Percussion, Performance software, Phaser, Phrase marks, Piano (instrument), Pitch bend, Pitch shift, Pizzicato, Playback, Player piano, Playlist, Plucking, Plug-ins, Polar patterns, Polyphony/polyphonic, Popping and blasting, Portamento, Post-fade, Pre-fade, Proximity effect, Punch in/out, Punk


Q, Quantisation


Radio, Ragtime, Rallentando, Rapping, Record, Reel-to-reel, Reggae, Relative major/minor, Repetition, Reverb, Riff, Ritardando, Rock, Rock 'n' roll, Roll


Sample, Sample editor, Sample frequency, Sampler, Save, Scale, Scat singing, Scottish, Semitone, Sequence, Sequenced data, Sequencer, Session log, Shelving EQ, Sibilance, Signal path, Signal-to-noise ratio, Simulator, Skiffle, Slower, Solo, Soprano, Soul music, Sound card, Spillage/leakage, Staccato, Step/stepwise, Stereo LPs, Stereo master, Stereophonic, Streaming audio, Striking, Strings, Strophic, Strumming, Submix, Swing, Syncopation, Synchronisation, Synth pop, Synthesiser


Take, Tempo, Tenor, Ternary, Threshold, Through-composed, Time changes, Time compression/expansion, Time domain effects, Tone, Tone control, Toolbox, Track, Track object, Transport bar/controls, Transpose, Tremolo/vibrato, Triggering, Trim


Unaccompanied, Unison, USB port


Vamp, Velocity, Verse and chorus, Vinyl records, Virtual instrument tracks, Virtual instruments, Vocal enhancer, Voice, Volume


Walking bass, .wav/.aiff files, Wah-wah, Wax cylinder, Wet, Whole-tone scale, Woodwind, World Music