20th century music

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The 20th century saw dramatic innovations in musical forms and styles.

Composers and songwriters explored new forms and sounds that challenged the previously accepted rules of music of earlier periods. As well, composers and musicians used new electric, electronic, and digital instruments and musical devices. Better modes of transportation and communication allowed musicians and composers to travel more widely or hear shows, which increased the spread of musical styles.

National 3


Styles introduced at National 3 are Blues, Discord, Improvisation, Jazz, Pop, Riff, Rock and Rock 'n' roll.


Instruments introduced at National 3 are Drum fill, Drum kit and Electric guitar.

National 4


Styles introduced at National 4 are Ragtime, Scat singing and Swing.


Rhythm/Tempo concept introduced at National 4 is Syncopation.

National 5


Styles introduced at National 5 are Celtic rock, Gospel and Minimalist.


Melody/Harmony concepts introduced are Atonal and Cluster.


Texture/Structure/Form concept introduced is Walking bass.


Timbre/Dynamics concept introduced is Reverb.